Wedding Photography in Covid-19

The world has transformed overnight – what everyone thought to be just a rumor about some virus in a land afar, has turned into a global crisis. On the rise of the prevailing pandemic COVID-19, thousands of weddings have been impacted. No-one knows what will come in the next few months. Apart from the human tragedy of the dead and dying, the economic malaise has begun that could continue for a year or beyond.

We, at Frame Photography, the best wedding photographers in Kolkata have given our insights on the changing style and trends, this epic crisis will have on nuptials and related celebrations.

How Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Change the Way Indian Families Plan Weddings?

There is going to be a paradigm shift in the way weddings will be planned and arranged. More importance will be given on building a collective consciousness and using resources efficiently. The major focus will be to be in the presence of loved ones and enjoying to heart’s content. There can be a rise in organizing eco-friendly weddings, with minimum damage to our environment.

What Will Be the Impact of Covid-19 on the Photography Industry?

The business of wedding photography was already a ruthless one. To strangers and outsiders, it might seem very lucrative, but to those who run their own business, the reality is somewhat different. A lot goes into building a reputed brand and being regarded as the best wedding photographer; It’s about marketing, SEO, social media, accounting, sales – and not just doing these things, but doing them better than our competitors.

Now the added burden of the virus outbreak will definitely reduce business, which might lead to cancellations of prior projects too. The best way to deal with this problem is by steering couples towards postponements and being patient while dealing with them. Everyone is going through a tough time; we need to keep this in mind.

How Do We Describe Our Working Style?

Weddings are dynamic and ever-evolving, changing with times and we always try to incorporate new trends in our art. Since each wedding is unique, we try to capture the sweet nuances specific to each one by thoroughly interacting with our clients and knowing their expectations.

How Can Fellow Photographers Use Their Time in This Situation?

Businesses have definitely hit a major blow, but the time is not too ideal away. Instead, we urge all creative wedding photographers to enhance their game and improvise on strategies, learn new techniques. The best option is to perk up your website, submit to different bridal blogs, and be active on social media.

Weddings will not stop; it has just been halted for the time being. We will urge everyone to maintain a positive attitude and blame no-one for your predicament. This tough time too shall pass, just believe in yourself, give time to your family, and enjoy the much-needed break.