Pre Wedding Photography

A wedding is more than just the rituals. It is about the moments when two individuals become one, two families become one family. However, Indian wedding photography focuses on the relatives, the rituals and a lot of other things apart from the bride and the groom. Therefore, many a time, the bride and the groom do not get the necessary attention.

To solve the problem, we offer pre-wedding photography. During this session, we take portrait and landscape images of the bride and the groom. The purpose of having pre-wedding photographer is to capture the moments of love and laughter that the couple share between themselves. The pre-wedding photograph is also displayed in the wedding hall on the day of the wedding. Our pre-wedding photographer in Kolkata choose picturesque locations for the photoshoot. Not only does this ensure that the photos look good, but it also promotes romance between the couple.

Post-wedding photography is when the couple chooses to shoot photos after the wedding ceremony. We capture the small moments of laughter, admiration, love, care, etc. in the post-wedding photography. The couples are not asked to pose for the camera. Rather we take advantage of their candid moments together. Candid photography shows the free movement of the couples without making them appear conscious in front of the camera.

The expressions that we capture really add value to the wedding album. Our pre-wedding photographers in Kolkata use different styles that are popular among couples. We are the witnesses of a beautiful start of many lives and we wish good luck to them.