Frame” specializes in capturing your bare emotions, your translucent soul, the warmth and enigma of peoples’ reactions, and their heart-warming gestures. Our team of dedicated professionals works to the best of their ability to gift you a slice of your life in all its glamour and glory. Through our constant endeavor and utmost dedication, we have positioned ourselves as one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata and have widened our services to other places as well.

The current scenario of photography in India has undergone tremendous changes. Here we list down certain impacts of external factors on photography in the 21st century-

Positive Influence of Social Media on Photography:

In today’s world, the power of social media is immense be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, Snapchat, the list is endless. The best part of the social media craze is definitely photos, pictures, or snaps. Thus the importance of photographs has increased in leaps and bounds and the focus on photography has scaled new heights. With a booming internet connection, exchanging photographs on online platforms has never been easier.

Photography on social media

Social Media has become a boon to photographers like us, the benefits include:

  • It helps to attract a wider range of audience and draw more viewers,
  • Serves as a platform to showcase our work
  • Provide ample opportunities to sell our work and promote our brand
  • Better client-relation.

Technical and Cultural Challenges:

Wedding photographers need to be aware of the various cultural aspects associated with Indian Weddings. We try to understand the symbolism of specific religious rituals and beautify each ceremony with our understanding of the craft.

Moreover, Technological advances have simplified our line of work. High-end digital cameras and digital reprographic systems contribute to a better quality of photographs. Various software has been designed for post-capture image editing that ensures quality control and compliance.

Factors Impacting Photography Businesses:

The wedding photography package in Kolkata has seen a fair rise. The most common elements that contribute to the increase in expense are:

  • Cost of equipment
  • The quality of photographs and videos, better the standard more is the demand; hence the high price
  • Location of the projects
  • Planning projects and project management charges.

Thus, we can thoroughly understand the role of photography in today’s era. It is an art that has the power to impacts our visual minds and photographs evoke emotions and the reflections of our loving memories happen in real time.