Makeover Photography

Frame believes in celebrating being who you are irrespective of gender, color, shape, or size. No one seems to be happy and content with own body structure. But we want to show you that you are beautiful right the way you are. And that is why we offer makeover photography session. Our professional team of photographers knows the tips and tricks to use lighting in such a way that it creates stunning portraits. No more hiding behind the social media or smartphone camera filters. Be confident to own yourself with poise and grace with the help of our makeover photoshoot.

Our aim is to make you feel confident in your own skin. Our makeover photography service is all about showing you and the world your inner beauty. That is why the makeover photoshoot session starts a few days before the actual photoshoot. We try and find out what YOU expect from us and offer you a realistic view of what is possible through the photoshoot.

The makeover photography service may take place in either an indoor or outdoor location. We always encourage you to bring more than one outfit. Bring shoes and accessories that complement your attire. You dress your best and it is our responsibility to take makeover photography that you can never dream of. However, we take pride in our makeover photography. You will see yourself in a whole new way once you opt for the makeover photography session with us. So, are you ready to be in the spotlight?