Weddings in India are an extravagant affair- with numerous rituals, elaborate functions, food, costume, and decor filled with life with all your near and dear ones.

Choosing a wedding photographer for your special occasion is definitely a tough challenge since you will want the best of the lot. The key here is finding out how knowledgeable your photographer is, and how passionate they are in their endeavor.

We at Frame Photography, regarded as one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata will help you solve your dilemma. Let us give you a brief insight into the most important questions you should ask your photographer before you finalize them.

1. Availability:

  • Are you available on my wedding day?
  • Will you be covering all the events or just the main functions?
  • Do you plan to employ a different photographer from your team, if it’s not you?
  • Can I meet your team members who will be present on my d-day?

Expert tip: You are possibly not the only person getting married on a particular date. So the first viable question to ask your photographers is whether they are available on that day or not. Moreover, if they own a large studio or have a busy schedule, it is possible that the principal photographer will be engaged in other projects, so it is advisable to meet the person who will be shooting your wedding.

2. Background Check:

  • How long have you been associated with Weddings?
  • How much time can you devote?
  • Can we see the pictures of some of your recent works?

Expert tip: Before making the final selection, make sure you know the style and approach of your photographer. Whether he has worked on a large scale wedding or whether he is comfortable to capture the simple nuances of the most important day in your life? How long has he been associated with this profession and what additional insight can he give to make your wedding extra special?

3. Packages and Pricing:

Expert tip: Sometimes the packages that the photographers offer might not cover all your interests, or at times they suggest add-ons to a package to meet your requirements. So it is essential to sort and clarify things before because the budget is a subject that you will not want to overlook.

4. Logistics:

  • Do you accept payments in installments?
  • What is your refund or cancellation policy?
  • How much of the amount do you charge as an advance?

Expert tip: If there is an emergency at his end or due to some unavoidable circumstance your photographer is unavailable. What will be the solution then? Does he have a back-up plan? These questions might seem insignificant to you initially or might not pop up your mind. But believe us when we say all these queries are essential and will save you from wedding day jitters.

5. Albums and Prints:

  • Can we order prints or albums directly from you?
  • What type of album do you offer?
  • How long will it take to deliver printed photocopies?
  • Are Albums and prints included in your package?

Expert tip: Clicking beautiful pictures are just one part of the coin; the other side is about framing them. Ask your photographer about the photo quality, whether he will be delivering soft copies or hard ones, will he have rights over your images?